Finally our NEW website.

Finally our NEW website.

Oct 19, 2015

After thousand of meeting to define the real needs of our online image, after lots of discussions, thousand ideas and millions of references, its here, its alive, its our new website!!! I still can't believe it. My heart is going to explote in any moment!

But, why??.. Well, we needed control over the content, we built a robust backend. We needed to be identified by what we do, we created a consistent and dynamic branding. But we also needed to tell you how happy we are of doing what we love the most: create, animate, design and mainly, communicate, and for this we generated an amazing blog and we started writing ourselves. From now if you suscribe to our newsletter you will have news about us, any kind of news that are relevant and inspire us to find our way to be Bluem

There is still a lot to do, but we are quite happy to show you, for the rest, would it be great if we build this together?