New web for CINDIS

New web for CINDIS

Nov 03, 2015

CINDIS (Centro de Integración de Discapacitados) is an private organisation dedicated to help kids with mental conditions. It's divided in two parts: the school, where kids with Autism, Down Syndrome and TGD attend to academic lessons; and the clinic, where any kid that required support in any specific area can receive help from therapist like speech therapist, physiatrist, psychologist. Their labour is full of love and patience, and they are a team fully committed to improve kids lives. But their work doesn't stop there, CINDIS team also wanted to share their inner experience with the world, parents, friends and every person interested into this kind of conditions. They wanted to share their knowledge and suggestion.

CINDIS commissioned Bluem to develop a simple and functional website, with a blog that will help keep track of experiences and let parents and relatives take a sneak peek of kids activities during school time. Also publish and make of public domain the conclusions of researches, seminars and events. The website also required to have an email capture and be totally and fully responsive.

You can take a look at CINDIS website in the link: The website is beginning of a system that will manage all the CINDIS Agenda in the future. The blog is updated from a very easy-to-use backend and the email list is build in an external service provider through the website. The entire website was built into PHP technology for more consist behaviour and future grows.

We are really happy to be part of such an amazing project. Thanks CINDIS.