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Bluem is a communication and design studio that helps launch brand initiatives. Yes, we're here to generate memorable experiences for your audience. The ones that comes from excellent relationships with our clients, good communication strategies and incredible designs.

Whatever is in your mind, a message, an idea or a project, we can make the difference by delivering digital messages in a clear, accurate and innovative way. Websites, apps, video, animations, any format, any platform, because we believe in what you have to say.

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Every project has its own productivity flow. We are not quite the same for each one of them and we really feel happy to be this flexible. We enjoy each challenge that knocks the door.

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Us & Why
Few years ago Juan & I meet each other while working for a TV channel. We both loved our job as animators. Juan was also a programmer and a designer, and I'm also a designer who falls for illustration. Shortly we realize that we were a great team so we started doing few jobs together. With the idea of producing our own material, we set up a small office and found Bluem, design and communication studio, a dream came true!

So far we have been working with really nice people. Well, the thing is that generally our Clients become our friends, this happens as we work in a friendly environment and we consider each idea as possible, and believe we have heard a lot of "imposible" ideas!. We are not the kind of studio that is going to offer a product, you are not going to heard us say: "you need a website" because that is not the point. What you may need it to solve your image on the Internet, and there is the point. Then we would offer a projection, how do you want to look on the internet!, and of course a website is just a channel, but we need to define first which suit are you going to use for the beach party!

We have always wanted to tell stories, short, long, other stories and our own stories. Stories of products, ideas, passions, stories on how to, stories that count, catch, invite and connect.

But well you might be asking who they are, Bluem. These are short stories about us:

Juan González

Art Director, originally from Venezuela with strong skills into design, animation 2D/3D, and code. He is always working and always learning, and is passionate about the "BEST of the BEST" image/message. We are very proud of you boy!

Magdalena Alvarez

Our creative director is a graphic designer who loves illustration and animation. Venezuelan-uruguayan, crazy girl who loves to travel. She is always trying to find another way to do our job a better job. She is the one who plans the entire project, the production strategy and also loves coffee!

How does this work?:
You see any of our works and think that we might offer a good communication solution, so you reach us through social media, email, phone, please don't try telepathy we are not that good there yet!

We have a chat and check together what are your requirements, deadlines, budget and most important, your IDEA.

Bluem makes a work proposal, calendars, sketches, and all related material. We all reach an agreement and both parts compromise to do their best in the process. In that moment comes the first payment that is generally a percentage of the entire project.

Bluem delivers, tests, publishes one week before the final Launch you finish paying the project. Then comes a successful launch and we are all happy with our amazing project!

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Alicia Mañan

Alicia Mañan
Sharing ideas and feel supported into the digital world by people that really understand your needs and feelings is the best way to describe my experience with Bluem